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girl Chinese to English Translation:

from: 简明英汉袖珍辞典

n. 女孩, 少女, 女佣
from: 简明英汉字典

/gɜːl; ˇɝl/ n 1 [C] (a) female child 女孩; 姑娘: a baby girl 女婴 * a little girl of six (years old) 六岁女童 * Good morning, girls and boys! 孩子们, 早上好! (b) daughter 女儿: Their eldest girl's getting married. 他们的长女就要结婚了. 2 [C] (a) young, usu unmarried, woman 年轻女子(通常指未婚者): a girl in her teens or early twenties 十几岁或二十岁出头的姑娘 * He was eighteen before he started going out with girls. 他十八岁才开始交女朋友. (b) woman of the specified type 某种类型的女人: She's the new girl in the office, so give her any help she needs. 她是办公室的新人, 她有什么需要就多帮帮忙. * the old girl who owns the sweet shop 这家糖果店的女掌柜 * I'm a career girl, ie I concentrate on my career rather than getting married, etc. 我是事业心强的女人(注重事业而不思结婚等). 3 [C] (usu in compounds 通常用以构成复合词) female worker 女工作人员: an office-girl, a shop-girl, a telephone-girl, etc. 4 (man's) girl-friend (男子的)女朋友: taking his girl home to meet his parents 带女朋友回家见父母. 5 girls [pl] (infml often joc 口, 常作戏谑语) (used for addressing a group of women of any age, by market-salesman, popular entertainers, etc 市场推销员、受欢迎的演员等用以称呼任何年龄的妇女). 6 the girls [pl] female friends of any age (任何年龄的)女性朋友: a night out with the girls 与女朋友外出的夜晚.
from: 牛津现代英汉双解词典